Memory Training

Given 20 random words and 1 minute, you will be able to keep about 7 (plus-minus 2) of the words in your short-term memory. Try it out!

Using a memory technique, you will memorize all of them with no effort.

One of the most popular memory techniques is known as the Mnemonic Major System. You first anchor an ordered list of 100 images into your long-term memory. Then, whenever you need to memorize a new item, you will create a visual scene combining the new and anchored images. Depending on your experience, this can take a fraction of a second.

There are a lot of useful or fun day-to-day applications for this memorytechnique. Memorize a to-do list, ingrain a speech you want to give without notex, or show off an impossible body of knowledge, etc. etc.

Here on memocortex, we provide a cortex extension for your memos: you can learn and keep track of your major systems in your preferred language and adjust them to your needs.

Enjoy: memocortex